BPO Interview Questions and Answers

20+ TOP BPO Interview Questions and Answers

BPO Interview Questions and Answers
BPO Interview Questions and Answers

1) How does a BPO work?
In a BPO, the complete business process gets transferred from an external service provider to a third party. Sometimes, parts of a business function or the entire piece get contracted out. Such a third party helps improve the service provider’s customer experience as well as render an excellent customer service.

2) Mention the major sectors of outsourcing?
Information Technology and Communication, Medical and Health Sector, Insurance, Law and Jurisdiction, Finance are some of the sectors where the majority of outsourcing work is performed.

3) List different types of BPOs?
The BPOs are divided into five different categories, they are:

Call Centre
Administrative Department
Purchase Department
Sales Department
Back Office

4) Why do you see BPO as your career?
Here you can explain why you chose BPO as a career, you can tell about being exposed to a new field which allows developing your personality and communication skills and also gives the opportunity to grow.

5) Where do you see BPO in current Market?
In this era of industries and business, where many companies failed to survive in the market, the BPO has outgrown and has achieved the milestone in an economic crisis and relatively reduced the unemployment rate marginally in developing countries.

6) What are the services that fall under non-voice support?
– Chat Support Services
– Data Entry Services
– Email Support Services

7) What is the difference between the shore and off-shore outsourcing?
When any project or work allotted outside the country which is not nearby is called off-shore outsourcing and anything outsourced nearby country is called shore outsourcing.

8) Could you explain what a call center is?
It is a customer care center where calls are handled in huge numbers. The call centers are mainly of two types an inbound type and the outbound type. An inbound call center is where customer associate will receive the calls and the calls are handled keeping the customer care as the prior concern. While an outbound call center is where the calls are made by the associate for the product sales and product inquiries.

9) How can you relate call centers to BPO?
Call centers are one of the very first processes in a business that was openly outsourced.

10) What is the difference between KPO and BPO?
KPO is a knowledge process outsourcing while BPO is business process outsourcing. KPO provides the knowledge based services like medical billing, documentation or claiming insurance. While BPO is totally customer service oriented.

11) Why do you think you will do well in this job?
Tell them about the reasons you chose this job and how your skills match the type of job.

12) Are you able to use the different software easily?
Your answer to this question clarifies the interviewer about your grip over the computer knowledge and its software. So that they will have a clear idea of what training you further require when you selected.

13) How good are you with computer skills?
Generally, they’ll seek for the basic computer skills, but if the job demands more computer work then they may hold the practical test to test your computer skills.

14) Which one do you think is the better career opportunity, voice or non-voice BPO?
Tell them that you find both types of BPO equal in opportunities, but the individual’s interest and personality are the factors it depends on. Once fit into the company and gain expertise in the work, you can easily move ahead to the management or support side.

15) What did you learn recently that can benefit the BPO Company?
Knowing English is basic and must for any BPO but knowing any other additional language is always beneficial. You can learn some other foreign language like French, Spanish as these can increase your chances of securing jobs in BPO.

16) What are the job activities you got to maintain in BPO?
The main and primary activity in a call center is to handle the customer’s queries effectively and also to coordinate well with a team in order to offer the best service to the customer.

17) Where you see BPO in the current market?
In the current situation where many companies failed to survive in the market, BPO sector has achieved a milestone in an economic crisis. It helped to reduce the unemployment rate marginally in developing countries where some of the developed countries even failed to do that.

18) Explain, why do you want to work for our company?
When you answer to such question mention about the company’s aggressive market stance, creative business policies and also its growth in the market because this question is asked by the interviewer to analyze how much you know about the company and its work.

19) Where do you see yourself five years from now?
This question is put by the interviewer to know about your career goals and also to know how you perceive yourself.
So, “In five years from now, I would want to see myself at a responsible position, while learning and developing my skills and contributing my efforts for the growth of the company”, would be a perfect answer to this question.

20) How will you cope with up with the common risks associated with BPO?
BPOs have large data of customer’s personal information, if there is any breach of the security then the customer’s information will be leaked and the company would be at risk.
To avoid such risk, employees should be restricted from carrying any external drive while on board and the ex-employees ids must be deactivated to deny their access to the customer’s information from anywhere. Certain additional security software can also be installed to secure the main server from hacking.

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