Content Writer Interview Questions And Answers

30+ Content Writer Interview Questions and Answers

Content Writer Interview Questions Answers
Content Writer Interview Questions Answers

1. What Is The Difference Between A Copywriter And A Web Content Writer?
Many web content writers are also copywriters. However, not all copywriters write web content. Web content writers specialize in writing to the very specific format of the web medium, which is unlike the marketing and copy writing formats for broadcast or print mediums.

2. Mention the difference between copywriting and content writing?
Copywriting :
1. By nature, Copywriting is promotional
2. More Decisive
3. It includes short content such as headlines, advertisements

Content Writing:
1. By nature, Content Writing is not promotional
2. Less Decisive as compared to Copywriting
3. It contains long content such as blog posts, Newspaper article, etc.

3. How Does Your Process Work?
Once you complete our online contact form, we forward you the names, resumes, and hourly rates of web writers who match your needs. This usually takes anywhere from one hour to a couple days depending upon the size and sophistication of your project and requirements. You will then have the opportunity to interview or speak with the web content writer(s) of your choosing by phone to discuss your content writing project and their qualifications. Once you choose the writer you wish to work with, we’ll send you a standard sub-contract agreement. As soon as you’ve signed and returned the agreement, you are free to begin your project.

4. What are the different types of content writing?
The different types of content writing are:-
1. Website content
2. Copywriting
3. Technical content
4. Blogging
5. Digital marketing content
6. Branding content

5. What You Know About The Signs Of Good Seo Writing?
SEO writing has to be informative and interesting to the visitors. It should also subscribe to certain norms that make it favorable for indexing by search engine crawlers. It is important that the writing is not artificial or contrived and stuffed with key words which do not flow with the text. SEO Content Copy writing specialists keep the overall theme of the website and the particular page in mind and maintain a balance between the two. Good copy is the highway to high SERP’s.

6. What skills does a content writer need?
Some skills that will lead a content writer to new heights are:-
Know your reader:- It is essential to know about your target audience. Writing content without knowing the target audience is not worthy. Before writing content, it is essential that the writer must do the study on the target audience.
The writer must know what you want to communicate:- It becomes effortless for the writer to write when he/she knows what exactly has to be informed. As a result, the writer delivers good content.
Always focus on unique content:- Always write unique content. Copying the material from any other websites can put the writer in the wrong situation. The writer can be penalized for this action. Be creative and original.
Skills of Summarising the words:- Another essential capability of the content writer is summing up the big idea into a small content by using the correct words in the different sections and paragraphs.
Always be patient during research:- proper research leads to unique content. A good content writer must have patience while doing research on a topic as it takes time but once the investigation is done the writer to ready to go.

7. Tell Me How Does Seo Content Writing Help A Website?
Good SEO Copy writing raises the rank of the site in the search engine results as it complies with the algorithms that make it attractive to crawlers.

8. What Makes Seo Content Writing Differ From Other Writing?
SEO Content writing is a specialized art and its techniques differ from copy writing used for other media like print, billboard, TV etc. The contents have to be planned and structured with certain requirements in mind so that major search engines can find and list the pages of the website.

9. Why Use Writing Assistance?
Quite simply, there is no other company quite like WAI. We are the freelance and web content writing specialists. We’ve been in this business for over twelve years.

Each web content writer is pre-screened to make sure the writer meets our exacting standards — talented, experienced, and committed to delivering your project on time and within budget.

10. What Are Some Common Characteristics You’ve Noticed Among Your Best Customers?
Knowing your audience (core market/ target demographics) is important for so many reasons. To name one, it helps define the best tone, language, and readability to use in your content. A quality content writer should know when to use- or avoid- technical lingo.

11. What is keyword research in content writing?

A keyword is basically a context of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). Keywords are used to define the content which is on the web page. For example:- best interview questions, content writing questions, content writer interview questions are a keyword. When we want to search anything on google, then we put keywords on the google search to get the similar content.

Keyword research is a search of those keywords which people enter into the search engine to get good ranking in the search engines.

12. Do You Work Best When You Come Up With Your Own Ideas, When You’re Given Specific Assignments Or In A Mix Of Those Situations?
The answer here should jive with the sort of working relationship your marketing team wants to have with its content marketing writer. If you want to be the ones coming up with ideas, then you need a writer who is happy to take assignments as they come. If you don’t have the time or inclination to come up with ideas, then you need a writer who is happy to take on that task. When there is a mismatch here, it will cause frustration on both ends of the working relationship.

13. How Would You Create Content To Appeal To Our Company’s Target Audience?
The prospective writer’s answer to this will help you figure out how she thinks and whether her thinking will work well with your industry, your company and the type of content you want to create.

14. How Do You Apply Seo Best Practices To Your Writing?
Use of SEO best practices is vital if you want your company’s content to be found online, so you want to hire a content marketing writer who understands and knows how to do SEO and do it well.

15. What Different Styles, Tones And Voices Do You Have Experience Writing In?
A key part of building a strong, cohesive brand is establishing a style, tone and voice for all of the content you create. Some good writers can write well in a variety of styles, while others are more limited. It doesn’t matter which you hire, but you want someone who will be able to match the style, tone and voice you’ve decided on for your brand.

16. Which Of Your Writing Samples Is Most Heavily Edited And Which Is Most Lightly Edited?
This will help you get a better idea of the quality of the writer’s raw work. Every writer needs some editing, but you want to find a content marketing writer whose work will need as little editing as possible. The less time and money you spend on editing, the better.

17. What Process You Went Through To Create This Piece?
As you look through a prospective writer’s “clips” or writing samples, select one to ask about in detail during the interview. The goal is to get an idea of how they go about getting to the final product.

18. Have You A Strong Work Ethic?
The best content writer in the world is of no use to you and your business if they never submit their work to you. Some people might worry if a writer has a full-time job in addition to freelance-writing gigs, but if the writer is skilled at time management or realistic in what he or she can accomplish, a full-time job shouldn’t be an issue.

Instead, ask writers about their process in completing jobs. Do they use the entire time available to them, or do they wait until the last few days to complete jobs.

19. Tell Me About Your Experience With Seo And Social Media?
Depending on your specific needs, you want to make sure your content writer can get you the results you’re looking for. If you need someone with advanced SEO skills, or a social media guru, make sure they have these skills before work is done.

If you want your content to go viral, make sure the writer has a large Twitter following and knows how to generate buzz for your site or business. Ask to see successful stats from the writer’s previous clients.

20. What Is Credible Sources?
Attention to detail is important in all endeavors, including content writing. While blatantly making up facts, figures or sources is an obvious no-no, a content writer should also be aware that not every source is as credible as the next.

21. Tell Me Are You Comfortable With Your Writing Skills?
This is perhaps the most important question, because if their writing skills aren’t exceptional, your content writer might succeed in driving people away from your Site, not to it.

While reading previous work will give you great insight into their writing level, also ask questions specific to online writing and your industry.

22. Can You Please Explain The Difference Between “there,” “their,” And “they’re?
Yes, it sounds asinine. But I see this mistake All. The. Time. And I know at least some of those errors are the work of allegedly professional content creators. A good writer knows that a spellcheck program can only get you so far.

23. What Operating Systems And Programs Do You Use?
On two occasions at my last corporate job, we hired writers who showed up on their first day, took one look at their computers, and said, “Oh, you use PCs.” Yep, they’d only ever used Macs. Each assured us it wouldn’t be a problem, but yeah, it was. So if you’re hiring a content creator to work on-site with your team, make sure he or she is hip to the program-literally.

24. How Do You Optimize Your Content For Search?
A good content creator will be familiar with the basics of search engine optimization (SEO).
Your ideal candidate will answer this by describing how he or she:
(a) determines which keywords to focus on and
(b) works those keywords into the content.

25. What Is Your Proofreading Process?
There’s more to good proofreading than reading your content over and over again on the screen. A good writer will have a process (or several to choose from) for proofing each piece of content. Some of my tactics are reading the content out loud and reviewing a printed copy. Give bonus points if they mention my super-ninja trick for when it’s gotta be perfect: reading it backwards.

26. Can You Please Explain The Difference Between Content And Copy?
Copy is sales-oriented, while content is value-oriented. Copy is the stuff you’d find in a brochure, while content is what you’d find in a bona fide newsletter. A good writer should know the difference between the two.

27. Which Style Guide Do You Prefer To Go By?
What you’re listening for here is either the Associated Press (AP) Style book or the Chicago Manual of Style. I’d even accept the Yahoo! Style Guide as a runner-up.

28. Would You Like To Tell Us About The Biggest Mistake You Have Ever Made?
If I had a time machines I would go back to University and taken a degree in Business Studies rather than Hospitality.
I stayed too many years in a job that was stable but didn’t offer me enough challenges or opportunities for growth.

29. Which Professional Organizations Do You Belong To?
A good writer views his or her work as a business, one that is worth investing in-and part of that investment involves joining professional organizations. They offer the opportunity to keep up with trends, sharpen skills, and benefit from interaction with other professionals. And a good writer will find a way to come up with the annual dues.

30. What is the difference between blog and article?
Articles are a more traditional & formal form of writing. They are meant to inform the reader about a subject using facts, events, analysis, and research. A blog may or may not include elements of an article but is written in an informal and personal fashion. It generally includes the opinion of the writer.

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