Defence Interview Questions and Answers

10+ TOP Defence Interview Questions and Answers

Defence Interview Questions
Defence Interview Questions

1. Why do you want to join defence?
If you are appearing in their first interview, this is the most expected question. So you need to prepare your answer carefully. The answer of mostly candidates are they want to serve for the country or the uniform makes them feel proud and for some candidates says money is also motive behind joining Indian Armed Forces.

2. Your surname is different. Why is it so?
Interviewer just want to check your confidence level. Sometimes, candidates surname are different. So prepare a good answer for this question.

3. Where the Headquarters of Staff Selection Commission is located?
New Delhi, India

4. Why did you give first preference as Army / Air Force / Navy?
Most common asked by interviewer to the candidate why he has preferred Army, Air force or Navy and not any other service.Arts and commerce field candidates can easily give reason for the but for science background candidates it becomes slightly tough to answer.

5. Will you come back again for SSB interview if you fail this time?
During the personal interview the interviewer may also ask this question. At the time don’t be nervous or demoralized that the interviewer directly want to fail you. He/She just want to check your personality level. In your answer if you say “No” without any reason, this will cause a wrong impression on your personality and also a reason of your rejection.

6.Why should we hire you?
It is most asked in the interview, so prepare answer for this according to your capability, strength & skills. Don’t show over smartness in this question.

7. What is the role of defense forces in our country?
This is mostly asked in SSB examination,In which many of the candidates are of 12th class and they don’t have any knowledge about it.So for a best impression candidate need to know about the organization details before appearing the interview.

8. What are you doing after completion of the graduation?
In the question, interviewee gives a tricky answer by which your answer did not affect your personality, such as- Sir I am very crazy for SSC exams, so from last year, I was preparing for that. Due to this reason I am in front of you.

9. What if you do not selected this time?
Don’t be demoralized or depressed that the interviewer indirectly want to say that you are rejected. Be confident and answer that work in this field is ma passion. Just show that how much you interested in this job.

10. If you couldn’t join the armed forces, what are your alternate career/study options?
Answer 10. This is actually the tricky question. Many candidates try to convenience interviewers that they don’t want to be anywhere else except defence. But, let’s be real here – you need to have a backup plan, and be able to explain why.

11. Did you do any special preparation for SSB?
You can simply mention your books on current affairs, daily newspaper reading ability, surfing net for the source of your preparation, etc.

12. What is the current topic in the news?
It is only for checking that how to update yourself to the nation and world. So you should keep touch current affairs.

13. Which course you will opt after 10+2 if you could not become officer and why?
An interviewer would also like to identify whether you will keep on your quest for becoming an officer or not. So reply very cautiously this question. After 10+2 there are numerous options available for further studies. So decide it prior to SSB interview about your future planning. Never say that you will go for the course that your father decides for you. It will leave dreadful impression on the interviewer.

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