10+ TOP Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Marketing Interview Questions
Marketing Interview Questions

1. What is marketing?
Marketing is a medium through which the producers anticipates the demand of the consumers and sell the required product or service to satisfy their want. It is a broader platform where activities like brand management, brand promotion, and sales are all clubbed towards reaching the ultimate object of creating and retaining a market.

2. What is marketing according to you?
Marketing is the exchange of product or service between the producer and consumer. It is anticipating the consumer requirements and identifying the potential market to exchange a product or service against a pre-determined value. Marketing involves a number of strategies and market players. The process is not only vital in creating a market but also in retaining the market.

3. Describe niche market?
Niche Market is a specific part of the market that a seller is focusing. This market is normal overlooked or ignored by the larger section of the producers. The small sellers may try to tap the potential of this niche market but normally fail due to cost factor. Niche market is concerned about customizing the service or product to meet the specific need of the consumer. As such the cost factor may at times go up.

4. How will you sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo?
This is one of the common questions in a marketing interview. The interviewer(s) is likely to evaluate your presence of mind and also how good salesperson you are. You may go for the following lines to sale the product:
“The only temperature you can regulate to keep things fresh is that of the refrigerator.”
“The only thing that saves beers from freezing and meat from tuning into ice is refrigerator. Manages temperature and almost everything.”

5. What is the difference between marketing and sales?
“Marketing is the promotion of the products and services in the defined market to a set of target audience. Marketing plans the approach and the strategy required to be implemented. It uses both the traditional and modern promotional vehicles. Marketing includes activities like brand promotion, brand awareness and sales.”
“Sales are a part of the marketing activities. It is the process through which a product is sold to the defined target audience. Sales are the final stage in the marketing process. A product or service may be sold to the end user or in case of a B2B model it may be sold to another business.”

6. What is online marketing?
Online marketing is a new platform for producers and service providers to sell or market their products and services through the virtual medium of internet. It is also called internet marketing, web marketing and website marketing. This virtual platform enables the seller to directly or indirectly interact with end users. Some of the strategies used are SEO, Email marketing and also online promotions.

7. Develop a marketing plan?
Let us say a product ‘X’ is being produced. It is in the line of FMGC. The planning will be done on the following parameters:
Purpose of manufacturing the product
Market scope
Target audience
Existing competitors
Pricing of the product
Brand creation
Promotion channel
Feedback compilation
Evaluation of the feedback

8. Which of our products/services most appeals to you and why?
This is one of the crucial things to do before you appear for the interview. The question is common in the marketing interview. You should visit the profile of the company and collect the necessary information about the products and services. Give a crisp answer highlighting the existing policies of marketing for the particular product you would like to talk about. It would also be ideal to share your inputs on how the marketing mechanism may be strengthened. “The product ‘X’, I believe, has one of the most interesting marketing strategies. The product is being nicely promoted by the use of traditional and digital media. This has also increased the penetration rate of the product…”

9. Describe a marketing plan you developed. What was the result of implementing that plan?
Share information on how you had developed the plan but do not mention the name of the product/service or other confidential details. You may say, “One of the products in our company was entering into the maturity stage from the growth stage of the product life cycle. As such it was necessary to plan out another marketing strategy that would be effective at this level. The stress was given to factors like market retention and expansion while drafting the plan. The plan was effective in strengthening the position of the product in this concerned market.”
The element of confidentiality is important throughout the answer. In case you are asked about the name of the company then be polite and say that certain restriction are not permitting you to disclose the name of the product. The interviewer(s) would understand the gravity of the situation.

10. Which environmental variables impact a marketing plan?
The environmental variables that impact a marketing plan are governmental, economical, technological, legal, cultural, ecological and stakeholders.

11. Are you willing to travel?
In case you have any reservation then you may share it. Get a proper understanding of things like travel duration, frequency of travel and also cost support. “I have no reservations in respect to traveling but would like to know the frequency and duration of travel.”
“I have knowledge that the job requires traveling but would like to know the frequency as I have some reservation.” Talk about your issues and always have a positive approach in finding the best possible solution.

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