Medical School Interview Questions and Answers

10+ TOP Medical School Interview Questions & Answers

Medical School Interview Questions
Medical School Interview Questions

1. Why do you want to enter medical school?
This question is aimed at finding out whether the student is actually interested in medicine. The best answer for this question is for you to tell the interviewer in brief about your natural and sincere interest in the medical field, and the incessant need to work together with other professionals to bring about a positive change in the world of medicine.

2. Why do you want to learn at our medical school?
This question is quite important to the entire interviewing process. You need to tell them about whatever research you have done about the school, which showed you that it was worthwhile to apply to be a student there. You would have to inform them about any information that put the school in a positive light and was thus instrumental in forming your opinion about the school.

3. What do you see yourself doing after medical school?
It is true that most of the educational certificates today are not used for various reasons. Therefore, any medical college will want to have some kind of guarantee that the seat they give you is not wasted. This question may be one of the few ways in which the medical school tries to find out whether the admission they give you will actually be useful or not.

4. What are your best qualities for medical school? What will be your greatest challenges?
One has to describe his/her personal strengths (i.e. capabilities) that may support his/her future experience. In addition, one has to explain how he sees himself successfully completing medical school.

5. Tell me about your volunteering experience?
choose a scenario where you had a leadership role and had a direct beneficial effect on efficiency and teamwork, also what you learned

6. How do you handle stress?
talk about your hobbies and you try to maintain balance in your life.

7. What do you do in your spare time?
They are asking about your hobbies, make one fun and another intellectual: ex: wake boarding and Reading or playing an instrument. Do not say studying you will be doing enough of that. Gym is ok but over used. Show diversity.

8. What role does research play in medicine? Have you engaged in any research projects? Tell me about them?
– know your research down cold, some interviewers will ask specifics just to know if you actually know your research. The more you know the better. Go over your research articles in the plane, hotels, etc. If you have not done research do not worry this is not a deal breaker. Politely tell the interviewer that although I have not done research, I would like to engage in research during medical school. Look up some research that is important in Medicine today and talk about what they are doing in that research. Although you have not done research, it shows that you are interested in doing so and keep up to date with current medical topics. Make sure the research is not too obscure. For example here is a research article that would be suitable to bring up during an interview, remember to address the article by its title and the 1st author by saying “herman et. al”. Do not use this exact article, however find something similar.
The role research play is that it is the back bone of what all doctors practice. If research was not present we would not have all the treatments and cures that doctors use everyday.

9. Why do you want to gain acceptance to this particular medical school?
-look up specific info about medical school curriculum and talk about unique points of the medical school. The more unique the better, as it shows why this is the only medical school you want to go to. It must seem like you really want to come to this medical school.

10. Who is the most influential person in your life? and why?
do not choose someone famous, choose someone that you are very close to. This can be a mentor, doctor, family member. Make sure to show the emotion and bond that you guys have. Let them know how much you respect this person and how much of an impact they have had in your life and how they helped shape who you are. The person shoe have encouraged you to pursue medicine.

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