OBIEE Multiple choice Questions and Answers

40+ TOP OBIEE Questions and Answers

OBIEE Multiple choice Questions
OBIEE Multiple choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT true of the Exhibit?
A. The query was filtered by the sales reps’ first names
B. The results’ layout includes Title, Chart, and Table views.
C. The query was sorted by the Dollars (ascending)
D. none of the above
Ans: C

2. What can be used to customize the user interface in Siebel Analytics Web?
A. Dashboard Editor
B. Styles and skins
C. Scripts in installation folders
D. JavaScript
Ans: B

3. Which of the following charts would best suit your needs?
A. Bar charts
B. Area charts
C. Pareto charts
D. Scatter charts
Ans: D

4. Which of the statements is true of a view selector view?
A. It is used to show SQL generated for a request
B. It is used to show filters in effect for a request.
C. It is used to display results as a marquee (moving results that scroll across a page).
D. It is used to select a specific view of results from saved views.
Ans: D

5. Which of the following would NOT be the best candidate for business intelligence tools such as Siebel Analytics?
A. Analyzing data that reside in many systems
B. Analyzing data that require accessing millions of records
C. Interactive and dynamic reporting
D. Merging two Excel files for operational processing
Ans: D

6. Why would you set default values for global filters?
A. Because setting a default value creates a larger data set
B. Because not setting the value will return all the data and thus negatively impact performance
C. Because the user may want it to default to a certain value
D. Because Siebel 7.7 requires a default value be set
Ans: B

7. Which of the following is NOT where you can find the path to the request that you want to add to the new Analytics Dashboard view that you just created?
A. In Siebel Webcat
B. From the browser’s URL address window
C. In Siebel Intelligence Dashboard > Edit Dashboard
D. In Siebel Intelligence Dashboard > Admin > Manage Catalog
Ans: C

8. The Siebel IQY feature allows you to integrate data with:
A. Text Files
C. Access
D. Excel
Ans: D

9. Which of the following tasks can you perform in the Catalog Manager?
A. Set permissions for Web Catalog items
B. Manage privileges and rights given to groups and users
C. Set authentication options
D. Manage Web groups and users
Ans: A

10. Which of the following Dashboard contents can contain ActiveX objects, Java scripts, sound bites, or animation?
A. Links and images
B. Embedded content
C. HTML object
D. Folders
Ans: C

11. What type of access can view content, but not make changes?
A. No Access
B. Traverse Folder
C. Change/Delete
D. Read
Ans: D

12. Which CSS (cascading style sheet) influences the overall appearance of a dashboard’s main content area, including background color of dashboard page and page tab color?
A. PortalBanner.css
B. Views.css
C. PortalContent.css
D. DashboardBanner.css
Ans: C

13. Which of the following is NOT true of the Intelligence Dashboards?
A. They can provide personalized views and preconfigured views
B. They can be created base on a user’s permission
C. Users with common responsibilities or job functions can share a dashboard
D. Dashboard objects are saved in the repository
Ans: D

14. Which of the following is NOT a correct step of how Siebel Analytics applications handle Answers requests?
A. The Siebel Analytics Server makes a request to the Siebel Analytics Web Server to retrieve the data request from a user through an Answers UI
B. The Siebel Analytics Server, using the RPD, optimizes functions to request the data from the data sources
C. The Siebel Analytics Server receives the data from the data sources and processes as necessary
D. The Siebel Analytics Server passes the data to the Siebel Analytics Web Server
Ans: A

15. The name of the symbolic URL has to be exactly the same as which of the following?
A. The name of the business component
B. The name of the calculated value of the field of the business component
C. The name of the Web template item of the business component
D. The name of the business object component
Ans: B

16. Request 1 returns row AAA and row BBB. Request 2 returns row BBB and row CCC. An intersection of these two requests should produce which set of results?
A. Row BBB
B. Row AAA and row CCC
C. Row AAA, row BBB, and row CCC
D. Row AAA, row BBB, row BBB, and row CCC
Ans: A

17. Which of the following would be true when creating filters whose values automatically change with time?
A. You can meet the requirements by creating dynamic filters
B. You can meet the requirement by using parenthetical filtering
C. Filters cannot be combined with other column filters from the same subject area to further constrain the results of a request
D. The variables have to be constructed and saved in the repository to be used in Siebel
Ans: A

18. Which of the following is NOT true of the Chart view?
A. You can change the axis scaling
B. You can change the chart legend
C. You can add titles to the axis
D. All columns have to be graphed
Ans: D

19. Which of the following are true of iBots?
A. They are driven by events
B. They can execute scripts
C. They can trigger Siebel Workflow
D. They cannot be subscribed
Ans: A

20. What is the term for the item used to align content on a dashboard?
A. Page
B. Results (reports)
C. Column
D. Builder
Ans: C

21. Which of the statements are TRUE of Bulb gauges?
A. They show data with one or more indicator needles.
B. Their needles change position to indicate where data falls within predefined limits.
C. They are useful for scorecard-type output.
D. They show data using a circle.
Ans: D

22. The Saved Selections options within Intelligence Dashboards allow you to …………..
A. Switch between saved selections
B. Import saved selections from an Excel spreadsheet
C. Write saved selections to an Excel spreadsheet for import into other applications
D. none of the above
Ans: A

23. You would like to customize the text elements that appear in Siebel Answers, Siebel Delivers, and on dashboard pages. Which of the following would you use?
A. Cascading Style Sheets
B. DHML Message files
C. XML Message files
D. Siebel Web Template items
Ans: C

24. Which of the following are some of the necessary steps when using iBots to trigger Siebel Workflow?
A. Workflow tasks such as policies and processes must be already set up in the Siebel eBusiness applications
B. Workflow policies named iBots must be set up in Siebel Tools
C. A workflow Policy Object named iBots has to be created in Siebel Tools
D. none of the above
Ans: A

25. The members of which of the following groups can grant rights to users, set privileges to restrain access to any piece of information, and filter data so that the users have access to the data that are related to their role?
A. Everyone Group
B. Authenticated Users Group
C. Web Administrators Group
D. Administrators Group
Ans: c

26. What is the default alignment for objects in sections of a dashboard?
A. Horizontal
B. horizontal or vertical (you set the default)
C. vertical
D. none of the above
Ans: c

27. Which CSS (cascading style sheet) influences the overall appearance a of dashboard’s top section, including dashboard names and links?
A. Views.css
B. PortalBanner.css
C. DashboardBanner.css
D. PortalContent.css
Ans: B

28. Which of the following is NOT true of the Siebel Analytics Repository?
A. Repository subject areas have a one-to-one correspondence to prebuilt Intelligence Dashboards
B. Prebuilt repository subject areas are exposed in Siebel Answers according to the user’s privileges
C. The prebuilt Siebel Analytics Repository has industry-specific stars that map to the SRMW and Siebel OLTP database
D. Business models cannot map to more than one database
Ans: D

29. If you wish to drill down on a column heading, where would you add this functionality?
A. Select Column Properties and choose the Column Format tab
B. Modify the Physical Layer of the rpd
C. Edit the Column formula
D. Select Column Properties and choose the Conditional Format tab
Ans: A

30. Where in the Siebel Analytics would you create Web groups and users?
A. Siebel Answers
B. Siebel Delivers
C. Siebel Intelligence Dashboards
D. Siebel Analytics Administration
Ans: D

31. Which of them is/are not OBIEE Services to be started?
a) Java Host
b) Server
c) Presentation
d) Cache
Ans: d

32. Which of them is/are not managed in Repository?
a) Jobs
b) Joins
c) Catalog
d) Variables
Ans: c

33. Which of the Tools Utilities is not valid?
a) LTS Column / Table Replacement
b) Externalize String
c) Updating Row Count
d) Repository Documentation
Ans: c

34. Type of Isolation Level including default are :
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7
Ans: b

35. Which of the Statement is/are incorrect:
a) Repository Import to be activated from utilities
b) Query Repository available in tools
c) Projects to be allotted for MultiUser Development
d) All are correct
Ans: a

36- What is/are not type of measure column?
a) Additive
b) Semi-additive
c) Count-additive
d) Non-additive
Ans: c

37. This is/are a dimension where data changes rapidly
a) Rapidly Changing Dimension
b) Slowly Changing Dimension
c) Junk Dimension
d) Degenerate Dimension
Ans: a

38. Dimension that is/are derived from fact table and does not have its own dimension table
a) Rapidly Changing Dimension
b) Slowly Changing Dimension
c) Junk Dimension
d) Degenerate Dimension
Ans: d

39. To overcome changing dimensions performance issue, we must create?
a) Mini Dimension
b) Segregate Dimension
c) Incident Dimension
d) Snapshot Dimension
Ans: a

40. Best option for cache management is?
a) Cache Seeding
b) Cache Pruning
c) Setting Event Pooling Table
d) Programmatic cache management
Ans: c