15+ TOP SVG Interview Questions Answers

SVG Interview Questions
SVG Interview Questions

1) What is SVG?
SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, It is XML based format used to draw dimentional vector images.

It is a W3C standard.

SVG supports all image formats.

2) What are the advantages of SVG?
Advantages of SVG are:

Supports any Text Editor to create and edit SVG images
SVG images are Highly Scalable
Open Standard
Printing quality is good at any resolution
Here, images are searchable and indexable

3) What are the common Shapes used in SVG?
Shapes used in SVG are:


4) What is anti-aliasing in SVG?
It allows the images to soften the sharp edges. By increasing the number of pixels, the amount of anti-aliasing is increased.

2x and 4x multi-sampling needs 2 and 4 sample per pixel respectively.

5) What is Gradient?
It refers to smooth transition of one color to another color.

Two types of Gradients are:

Linear Gradients
Radial Gradients

6) What are the types of attributes used in Gradients?
Types of attributes are:

gradientUnits: It is used to define the coordinate system for the various length values within the gradient

x1: x-axis co-ordinate of the gradient vector

y1: y-axis co-ordinate of the gradient vector

x2: x-axis co-ordinate of the gradient vector

y2: y-axis co-ordinate of the gradient vector

spreadMethod: spreading the gradient within graphics element

xlink: href: refer to another gradient

7) Which tag is used to draw a circle in SVG?
“circle” tag is used.

8) Which tag is used to draw an ellipse in SVG?
“ellipse” tag is used.

9) Which command of path element creates a line?
“L” command.

10) Which command of path element closes the path?
“Z” command.

11) How will you embed an SVG image in HTML page?
There are three ways to embed an SVG image are:

By using iframe
By using embed tag
By using object tag

12) Which stoke property is used to create dashed lines?
“stroke-dasharray” property.

14) Can we write JavaScript functions in SVG?
Yes, we can write javascript functions in SVG because SVG supports JavaScript functions.

15) Which element of SVG is used to create links?
<a> element is used.

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