20 TOP Webdynpro Multiple choice Questions and Answers 2020

Real Time Webdynpro Online Quiz Questions and Answers

1) Eliminate the Event that is not part of Webdynpro
2) What is the Cardinality for the Node created for storing the Table
3) What is the equivalent for Transaction in Webdynpro
4) The Webdynpro Programming model is based on
5) The UI Element and the Context Attributes of Webdynpro are linked. The process of doing this is called
6) A webdynpro Component consists of the below items except
7) Identify a layout that is not part of the Webdynpro Layout types
8) Where does the Business Logic exists in the Webdynpro Component
9) How do you access the attributes declared in component controller in the method of a view
10) which method do you use to read the contents of a internal table displayed in the webdynpro window
11) Which method do you use to read the contents of a attribute attached to the context node.
12) Identify a Cardinality type that is not part of webdynpro.
13) which data type do you use to declare a visibility attribute in webdynpro
14) Passing Parameters to webydnpro Application using the Applicatino URL are called_________Parameters
15) A View in Webdynpro is associated with _______ in SAP GUI.
16) Identify a Window Outbound Plug type to exit the View completely
17) which standard WD component is used to build ALV in Webdynpro
18) What is the right sequence of event trigger in Webdynpro
19) Which of the Below is not a Valid Webdynpro UI element
20) Can a view container have more than one view active at a time.