15+ TOP Website Development Interview Questions

Website Development Interview Questions
Website Development Interview Questions

1) What is Website Development?
Website Development is a process that includes following steps.

web design
web content development
client-side or server-side scripting
network security configuration etc

2) What are the skills required for website development?
Following set of skills required for website development:

Content Expert
Website Design
Graphic Design
Web Development
Marketing and promotion
System Administrator (Linux Admin)

3) What is CORS? How does it works?
CORS stands for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. It is a mechanism that allows many resources on a web page. Web page is requested from inside or outside the domain.

This mechanism supported in HTML5 that manages XMLHttpRequest access to a domain different.

4) What is information architecture?
Information architecture is a process of creating an information system. It makes easy to architect to find what a user looking for.

5) What is CMS Platform?
Content Management System (CMS) is an application platform. It is used to manage content over the web pages. We can create content oriented web sites that are more organized and efficients. We can manage enterprise and web content using Enterprise content management (ECM) and Web content management (WCM) respectively.

Following are the famous CMS platforms:


6) What is ECM?
ECM (Enterprise content management) is the systematic collection of organizing and storing of enterprise documents.

7) What is WCM?
Web content Management (WCM) is an application for creating, storing, managing and publishing web page content.

8) Difference between “Web development” and “Web design”.
Web development includes a lot of processes, and web design is part of it. Web design is used to to represent page layouts and graphical user interface(GUI). Web development is broad term to mean planning, coding, testing, debugging etc.

9) What is graceful degradation?
Graceful degradation is a property that enables a system to function properly even when the large portion of it has been destroyed.

10) List out few ways to reduce load page time and speed Up of website?
Following are the ways to reduce load page time:

Enable Browsing caching
Optimize Images
Minimize HTTP resources
Apply CSS3 and HTML5 to improve Page load time
Apply AJAX
Reduce redirects

11) What is long polling?
It is a web based application development pattern. It helps to transfer data from server to the client. By using long poling, the client requests information from the server in a similar way to a normal poll. If server does not have any information available for the client, in place of empty response, server hold the request and wait for some information to be available.

12) How do we optimize a websites assets?
There are several ways to optimize websites assets:

File concatenation
File compression
CDN hosting
Off-load the Assets
Refining code

13) Describe the key advantages of HTTP/2 as compared with HTTP 1.1.
HTTP/2 provides decreased latency to improve page load speed by using following advantages.

Server push technologies
Priority of request
Data compression of HTTP headers
The important benefit HTTP/2 is it avoids the head of blocking problem in HTTP 1.
Loading of page elements in parallel over single TCP connection

14) Describe Website development process.
Following steps are the website development phases:

Gathering information- In this phase, we get information to design a successful website..
Planning- In this phase, we plan for creating system based on gathered data.
Design- In design phase, our website takes shape. We design Page Layout, Review it and approve.
Content writing and Assembly- Content writing is necessary for the websites. No grammatical and spelling mistakes.
Coding- Programmer’s turn to add his code without disturbing the designs.
Testing, Review and Launch- In testing, we can test the created websites, then use of File transfer protocol (FTP) upload website to server.
Maintenance- In this stage, we can regular update our website to prevent from bugs and security risk.

15) While writing an error message what all things we need to take into consideration?
Following things we need to consider:

Do not use negative words.
Clearly mention the error so the user get qualified information about the error.
Provide link to the user to solve the problem.

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