15+ TOP Xamarin Interview Questions & Answers

Xamarin Interview Questions
Xamarin Interview Questions

1) What is Xamarin?
Xamarin is a .NET framework. It allows to create an application that run on multiple platforms. Xamarin Tutorial uses C# language and .NET framework to deliver native Android, iOS and Windows apps.

2) How many ways we create Xamarin applications?
There are three ways in Xamarin to build great apps.


3) What is TestFlight?
TestFlight is now owned by Apple, and is the primary way to beta test your Xamarin.iOS apps.

4) What is Xamarin.iOS application compiler?
Xamarin.iOS application compiler compiles Xamarin.iOS applications directly to native ARM assembly code.

5) What is Xamarin.Android application compiler?
Xamarin.Android application compiler compiles down the Intermediate Language (IL), which is then Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler to native assembly when the application launches.

6) What is hockeyapp?
Hockeyapp offers a testing service for iOS, Android and Windows phone.

7) What is Shared Project in Xamarin?
Shared Projects facilitate you to write common code that is referenced by a number of different application projects. Shared project offers to share code between multiple target projects. Sometime it is also called as Shared Asset Projects.

8) What is Xamarin iOS platform SDK Access?
Xamarin iOS exposes Apple’s Cocoa Touch SDK framework. As namespace suggest we can reference from C#.

9) What is Android platform SDK Access?
Xamarin Android exposes Google’s Android SDK. The SDK Manager downloads Android SDK tools, platforms, and other components that you need for developing Xamarin.Android apps. Visual Studio includes an Android SDK Manager that replaces Google’s standalone SDK Manager.

10) What is Xamarin Windows platform SDK Access?
Windows apps are built using Visual Studio on Windows. Project types include Windows Forms, WPF, WinRT and Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

11) How to setup first PAGE (Launch page) in Xamarin android?
First page has set as Main Launcher attribute as True on your First Activity. Reference the below mention code

[Activity (Label = “Register”, MainLauncher= true, Icon = “@drawable/icon”)]
public class RegisterAcrivity: Activity
//Your code

12) What is HttpClient?
HttpClient makes developers to connect with external world through internet using REST-base services. HttpClient class is for sending HTTP requests and receiving HTTP responses from a resource identified by a URI. HttpClient class found in System.Net.Http namespace.

13) What do you mean about Activities?
Activity is a single screen, provides platform for graphical user interface.

14) What is Xamarin ContentPage?
A ContentPage is a class that displays a single View, often a container such as a StackLayout or a ScrollView. It is found in Xamarin.Forms.ContentPage namespace.

15) What is Xamarin.Forms View?
Xamarin.Forms views are the building blocks of cross-platform mobile user interfaces. The control interface such as button labels text boxes are drive from the View class, used to place layouts and controls on the screen.

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